DCC Litter Mapping

Sustainability featureThe North Central City is constantly held up as being one of the worst litter black spots in the country. While it is easy to find evidence of bad littering in some places it is much more difficult to do something about. The underlining reasons for littering and dumping are many and complex and it is difficult for people working tirelessly on the ground to improve the situation to communicate these difficulties to the culprits and to the wider public.

Working closely with the North Inner City Area office in DCC we mapped incidents of littering and litter surveys along with housing type and other land uses. The benefit of visualising the problems was that it was clear that the problems were not wide spread and the worst incidents were associated with particular circumstances.

The outcome of the project was that the North Inner City Area Office were able to get resources for a number of small local initiatives to try to implement targeted campaings in order to change the behaviour of some for the benefit of everyone. The design of the maps did not help to solve the problem on the ground but it did make it easier to understand.