19 St Sylvesters Villas


Malahide, Dublin

2092_043DThis property was built in the 1950’s and no changes were made to it up to 2008. The rooms in the original house were all used as bedrooms and we designed a new extension to the rear with the living rooms. The house looks like a small 1950’s cottage on the outside, but it functions as a generous family house on the inside and still leaves plenty of garden to play with.

The galley kitchen is situated along the back wall of the original house and is lit with a long roof light. We designed shutters in this rooflight to provide shade on a sunny summers day and shelter on a stormy winters evening. The living space is made up of four different spaces which are all connected: A dining room, a sitting room, a TV room and a play room. The roof is designed to cool the room in summer with natural ventilation and large doors open out to a patio, the evening sun and the garden.

The garden storage is situated along the boundaries like outside wardrobes. This leaves more space for a trampoline (fitted over a pit to reduce its impact and increase its accessibility), a play house and a vegetable garden.



The heating system uses a solar Thermal panel in the summer and a flue gas heat recovery unit in the winter to maximise its efficiency throughout the year. High levels of airtightness were achieved in the old and new part of the building and a demand controlled whole house ventilation system was installed to reduce heat loss and provide the right amount of natural ventilation.