BallymunI worked on the architectural team in BRL for 10 years implementing the BRL masterplan for Ballymun. My role included architectural design and project management of housing projects.


This work included consultations with residents, managing design teams and reporting to the Department of Environment on Funding and Programme.

Termon Court

Termon court was an innovative pilot study that formed part of an overall masterplan for the Poppintree courts area of Ballymun. The proposal included opening up existing coutyards to improve access and passive surveillance and building new housing around the perimeter of the existing housing to create a better streetscape and to avoid areas that were causing anti-social behaviour.

Phase 4 housing

In BRL I was responsible for the final phase of the replacement housing programme. These projects had to respond to changes in the environmental performance of the housing, changes in the housing need and changes to the overall funding available for the completion of the projects.

I was able to work with some very talented designers and engineers to produce some award winning housing schemes.

Ballymun East masterplan

The Masterplan for Ballymun East was completed with Alan Mee Architects. This masterplan was based on the principle that the three landowners in the masterplan area had more to gain from working together than developing their facilities individually. The Masterplan will form the basis of any further development on the site in the future.

Social Housing Retrofits

As part of my role in developing the east of Ballymun I secured funding and formed partnerships with SEAI, DCC and ESB to complete a pilot study to investigate the feasibility of retrofitting existing timber framed housing in Ballymun.

The retrofits included upgrading the insulation, heating system and heating and lighting controls in a terrace of 4 houses. The result of the pilot were very successful and the residents noted an immediate improvement in the comfort of their homes as well as significant savings in energy costs. This pilot formed the basis for a future plan to retrofit whole estates as a city wide strategy to roll out energy retrofits in social housing estates.

Rediscovery Centre

The Rediscovery Centre (RDC) is a limited company partly funded by DCC to achieve some of the targets for the economic and social regeneration of Ballymun. The RDC is committed to changing behaviour in relation to waste and resources and has set up several businesses that make beautifully designed products from waste materials. The RDC has also developed an education programme to increase the awareness of waste and resources.

In order to reinforce these ongoing activities the RDC has secured funding to re-use and re-fit the old district heating boiler house in Ballymun as a 3D text book where all the activities of the RDC will be centralised and used as an educational opportunity for visitors to the building.

My role in this project has been to develop design ideas for elements of the building that reuse existing parts of the boiler house in a new an interesting way to demonstrate the principles of reuse and sustainability. I am also responsible for making sure that these elements of the design are properly completed during the construction of the building.

These ideas include re-using the old boilers to make significant parts of the building, re-using the existing pipework in the building to make a new green façade where plant will be irrigated form the waste water from the building and also provide solar shading during the summer, growing crops on site to provide fuel for the heating systems.