Juventa Mews


Malahide, Dublin


Contact 6This is a wonderful mews house we designed in the back garden of a Georgian terraced house in Malahide. The main space in the house is a large double height living-dining room which captures the afternoon and evening sunshine.

All the other rooms in the house are accessed from this main space and the stairs and balcony allow you to move around the room and enjoy the space from several points of view. The chandelier, which we designed, adds to the sense of drama as you can move around it and look through it as it fills up the room with light. This room also has high level north facing windows to allow the room to cool in the summer.

Behind the fireplace is a small cosy room to watch the TV and it provides a much smaller scale room to relax in. The kitchen is directly off the main room with easy access to the dining space and the garden.

The bedrooms upstairs face the front of the house and light is brought in from the side boundaries without creating any overlooking.

The walls are finished with a fine cream sandstone at low level and with plaster at high level. All the openings are lined with metal to produce a sharp finish.



The house is very well insulated and has a high level of air tightness. The design includes a gas fired heating system with a solar thermal panel, a photo voltaic panel and a rainwater harvesting system. The underfloor heating system provides a stable comfortable environment to all the living rooms and radiators are provided in the bedrooms to give a quicker response to any heating requirement.

The services for the house were designed so that all other sites on the mews lane could benefit from them. The surface water drainage system provides storage in storm events to protect the public sewer.