Design is the tool which brings creative imagination to the art of problem solving.

Architecture is more than a collection of rooms; it is the design of a stage set for the adventure of your life everyday. Learn more about our design process.


The design input that we make on a project is the biggest added value contribution to every project. The key to this success is involving the client in the design process because our job as architects is to design something that the client likes and make sure that they are convinced that the design is the right solution for the project.

We have developed a design process which allows the client to contribute to the design and also allows us to explore what works best for the client.

There are three steps:

  • Step one is to survey the existing house and site and understand the opportunities and constraints. At this stage we will also get the client to define the brief for the project, or frame the problems with the property that they are trying to solve.
  • Step two is to develop three different ways of solving the brief. This gives us a chance to explore different design possibilities and to present different potential solutions to the client.  We review the three options with the client and we discuss what they like and don’t like in each option.
  • Step Three is to develop a fourth option, which we call a sketch design.  This keeps the parts of the design options that the client likes and avoids all the bits that they didn’t like.  We also try to make the sketch design more than the sum of its parts.

We have completed this process with many clients and they have all found it to be really useful in developing a compelling idea for the layout and arrangement of their house.  It provides them with a great deal of certainty about what they are going to end up with and they have a lot of confidence that the proposal is the right one for them.

Once the sketch design is complete we can get a budget estimate for the costs and prepare a planning application if required.

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