Office Fitout Design Strategy

IT Support Company

Project Overview

Our client is expanding and had reached the capacity of their current office and wanted to try to find a new larger location. They also wanted to find a better work environment for their staff so that they could work more efficiently but also relax more effectively when they were taking a break.

We conducted a design process on a potential office location where we looked at different ways of arranging the offices, work stations and back up facilities. Through this process the client was able to decide the size and types of spaces that they required. The design allowed for these spaces to be flexible and adaptable as the company developed. We developed a mood that tried to find a balance between being focused on productivity, but also recognising that having people plugged in all the time was not the best way to make their staff feel valued within the organisation.

The client is still looking for a suitable location but the design work that we have completed is transferable to wherever they are going to move to. In fact it provides a much sharper focus on their needs which will help them find the right place.

What we did

  • Urban Planning
  • 3D Modelling
  • Interior