Rediscovery Centre

Malahide, Dublin

Project Overview

The Rediscovery project was designed to reuse the old district heating boiler house in Ballymun and repurpose it from a shed that lost heat to a low energy public building designed to influence visitors behaviour to waste and promote the circular economy.

The sketch deign was completed when I worked for Ballymun Regeneration. The design used waste and recycled materials or materials that could be sustainably grown. We harvested materials from the original building, we salvaged material from local demolition sites and we identified sustainable materials that we could use.

The design also allowed for 80% of the building’s energy to be generated on site and for all of the buildings waste water to be treated on site. Food for the café and fuel for the boilers was also to be grown on site. All of this was conceived in a way that would be accessible for visitors. Every system demonstrated a different aspect of how buildings could be made and what was required to use a material and how to reuse it.

Following the sketch design, I was employed by the Rediscovery Centre to be their representative on site and ensure that the sustainable aspects of the project were realised on site. The project architect’s for the project were ABK architects.

What we did

  • Urban Planning
  • 3D Modelling
  • Interior